Persona 5 Tactica confidently strides onto PS5 and PS4 battlefields on 17th November. In another extended look at battle gameplay, we can't help but admire some of the revolutionary innovations this revolutionary-themed spinoff is bringing to the table.

SRPGs, love them or leave them, primarily still stick to the tried and true template laid down by Final Fantasy Tactics all those long years ago. With that special Persona 5 magic, that fluidity and immediately recognizable stylistic flair, Tactica increasingly looks like it will be something special. Outside of the legendary (and similarly long-in-the-tooth) Disgaea franchise, mobility and interactive elements have never really been the focus of games in this subgenre, and a revolution in how these typically slower battles play out might be just what we need.

The Phantom Thieves, comparatively speaking, fly around the battlefield, detonating explosive barrels and launching off jumps for added mobility. They'll need to be on the lookout for traps that can summon reinforcements or unique enemies like the Sumo-Maton, who will launch friend or foe clear across the battlefield.

How are you feeling about Persona 5 Tactica as we inch closer to launch? Could it set a new benchmark in the way Persona 5 did when it first came storming onto the scene? Steal a march on the competition and be the first to let us know in the comments section below.