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The new Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3, was released on Friday, and already multiple maps have been pulled from the game's multiplayer suite after players en masse were gunned down thanks to some truly miserable spawn points.

The primary culprit was the map Quarry, which, when played in the Hardpoint game mode, would endlessly respawn players in the same spot, making them easy prey for the ruthless opposing team. Rundown and Scrapyard have also been temporarily removed for the same reasons, as well as Karachi being pulled from the Cutthroat playlist, where Activision says it will "work to resolve an issue causing a player to spawn alongside enemies".

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A report out of Bloomberg revealed that MW3 was developed in just half the time normally allotted to a mainline title in the long-running series. Revel in the misery of others in the clips showcasing the carnage below (thanks, IGN):

Were you playing Modern Warfare 3 over the weekend? How did you find the current spawn situation? Attempt to survive the comments section below.