Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's First PS5, PS4 Campaign Review Is a Massacre 1
Image: Push Square

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 won’t be judged solely on its campaign, as multiplayer is the main reason fans play. However, early reviews are absolutely savaging the single player experience, which is sounding like the worst solo mode in the series’ history – yes, even worse than the maligned Call of Duty: Ghosts.

We’re going to bring you our full review once we’ve been able to play multiplayer as well, but IGN describes a dreadful experience, which reportedly runs around four hours. “Modern Warfare 3’s campaign commits the biggest sin possible for a globe-trotting action thriller: it's boring,” the site’s conclusion writes. “It's a pale imitation of the past, made up of underbaked story moments that clash with attempts to introduce new open combat missions designed to encourage player freedom that instead fall flat on their face”

It scathingly adds: “If this is the quality we've come to expect from Call of Duty campaigns, maybe it's for the best if a year or two is taken to reset and raise this low bar back to the heights of old.”

Of course, the rumour is that this Call of Duty was originally intended to be released as an expansion pack, but has been repackaged and flogged as a full game instead. That’s evidenced by the title’s PS5 Trophy list, which lists Modern Warfare 3’s gongs as DLC for Modern Warfare 2. We’ll bring you our full review soon, but this one ain’t looking good, folks.