Kingdom Hearts is no stranger to shoving essential snippets of lore into spin-off mobile and browser games, and we doubt the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will be any different when it comes to the implications for Kingdom Hearts 4. In fact, just look at that name – it practically confirms it’s going to contain key plot details.

The release is officially due out in 2024, but there’ll be a closed beta test in Australia and the UK before its official launch, with registrations open now. The game itself has GPS elements like Pokémon Go, although there is a more traditional adventuring component, and there will be complete controller compatibility with the DualSense and DualShock 4.

You can get a glimpse of the gameplay in the trailer embedded above, which shows off various adventuring aspects, as well the battle system featuring classic Disney characters. Obviously, we’re all awaiting more information on Kingdom Hearts 4 here, but hopefully the impending launch of this mobile spin-off leads to more information in the near future.