Spider-Man 2 Completion Rate Platinum Trophy
Image: Push Square

Trophy statistics don't necessarily tell the whole tale, but they can be a fairly accurate indicator of how much engagement a game is getting from its players. And in the case of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the PS5 title is seemingly doing a fantastic job of keeping people glued to their controllers.

As pointed out by @Jorraptor on Twitter, a very impressive 25% of players have beaten the main story, and 6.3% of those fans have stuck around to unlock the Platinum Trophy. That's a really good result for the PS5 exclusive, which isn't even one week old at the time of writing.

For the sake of additional context, if we take the reported 2.5 million sales Spider-Man 2 recorded in its first 24 hours, 25% of that figure would, at least on paper, equal 625,000 people. Again, very impressive.

It'll be interesting to see where the numbers are at, say... by the end of the year. We can absolutely imagine this superhero sequel being one of the PS5's most completed blockbusters when all's said and done.

Have you finished Spider-Man 2 yet? Even better, have you claimed the Plat? Wait for that satisfying Trophy pop in the comments section below.

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