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While it doesn’t have a flawless record, it’s fair to say that most PlayStation Studios releases are of a high quality. Many of the company’s games secure strong Metacritic ratings, and in an interview with Barron’s, bigwig Eric Lempel admitted that management is humbled by the games’ critical receptions. However, he hinted that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure such success.

“It comes down to how we’re managing the studios and each individual title,” he said of the secret to the organisation’s impressive record. “It’s our focus on quality. That’s what’s most important. It represents PlayStation. We’re humbled by how good these titles are. In some cases, behind the scenes, we will do a lot to make sure that the studios have what they need to put out a quality title.”

Sony recently secured success with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which averaged a critical rating of 90 from a whopping 138 reviews on Metacritic. And the platform holder is no stranger to these kinds of ratings: last year’s God of War Ragnarok achieved a 94, for example. The most impressive thing is that these games are being developed by different studios under the PS Studios umbrella, demonstrating a unified commitment to quality across the entire division.

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