Silent Hill: Ascension, the interactive TV series thingy from Konami, is almost here, with the first episode airing on 31st October. We have a premiere trailer to set the scene, and you can get in on the action weekly via the Sony Pictures Core app on PS5 and PS4, on a browser, or through the increasingly essential PlayStation mobile app.

Ascension tells twin narratives that will apparently be influenced by viewers and diverge according to the whims of the masses. The trailer's description reads, "Every day, your choices and the actions of millions will shape the story and determine its final outcome. Redemption, suffering, or damnation? YOU decide."

The Hernandez family, in a fading rust-belt town in Pennsylvania, and the Johansen's, residents of a lonely fishing village in Norway, have grief in common. Both families recently suffered losses under mysterious circumstances and, throughout the season, will need to overcome a sadistic cult and their own worst impulses to survive and uncover the horror that links them.

What do you think of Silent Hill: Ascension? Are you up for some interactive nightmare fuel? Decide what happens next in the comments section below.

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