Sony Pictures Core

Another media application joins the ranks today, 5th October, on PS5 and PS4. The Sony Pictures Core app, formerly Bravia Core on Sony's smart TVs, is rolling out on PlayStation consoles, giving you access to the company's wide range of films on demand.

After signing up, you'll be able to rent or buy thousands of Sony Pictures movies, as you'd expect. However, it's also launching on PS5 and PS4 with some added benefits. As noted on the PS Blog, users will gain early access to select films. For the UK, France, Germany, and Japan, the first example of this will be Gran Turismo. Additionally, if you buy this film via Sony Pictures Core, you'll gain in-game currency for Gran Turismo 7, usable to purchase cars seen in the movie.

What's more, PS Plus Premium/Deluxe members will have access to a catalogue of 100 films to stream on demand at no extra cost. Currently, this range of films includes 21, Black Hawk Down, District 9, Django Unchained, Hellboy, Night of the Living Dead, The Social Network, and more. Other PS Plus benefits for all members are coming later, too.

Creating an account on Sony Pictures Core is super easy via your console, as you'll be able to link up your PSN account and get started super fast.

What do you think? Can you squeeze in another media app? Let us know if you'll use Sony Pictures Core in the comments section below.