Konami already has a few Silent Hill games announced, but one of the new projects you may have forgotten about from last year's showcase was Silent Hill: Ascension, a sort of interactive TV series influenced by fans. You'll be able to watch the show online and can help decide the fates of its main characters — get a first look in the trailer above.

A new Game Informer article has more: "Silent Hill: Ascension features an ensemble of new characters, monsters, and locations within the Silent Hill universe. Genvid [the developer] has crafted a real-time interactive system that allows viewers from around the world to decide these characters' fates within the narrative the studio has crafted." Something you'll come back to often, it's said "each day" in Silent Hill: Ascension will be different based on what the community decides. It's not clear yet whether you'll be able to follow the show on PS5, PS4.

More details will be shared soon. In addition, Konami has the Silent Hill 2 remake in the works with Bloober Team, a new Silent Hill F project, and Silent Hill: Townfall from developer No Code coming. Apparently, we'll see the remake and spin-off soon with more trailers set to arrive shortly. Will you watch and follow along with Silent Hill: Ascension? Keep the characters alive in the comments below.

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