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After a chaotic launch experience, it seems the digital seas have begun to settle for developer Starbreeze. PAYDAY 3's rocky start has the studio investigating an offline mode, but for now, at least, the heists must go on.

In a statement on its website, Starbreeze states that the "scheduled maintenance carried out last week has fixed the initial matchmaking issues that occurred during PAYDAY 3โ€™s first few days after launch." It goes on to point out that, despite it all, the cooperative heist shooter still managed 124,254 concurrents, and that 3,167,938 unique players logged in during the month of September.

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After a cursory glance, it does seem like the server strain has abated, with recent reviews on Steam suggesting that the game's most dedicated players are getting stuck in. With that, the studio is returning to business as usual and will now "intensify the commercial activities around PAYDAY 3, after partially pausing these during the previous week."

Players can expect a series of updates, with the first due out in "early October", predominantly focused on QoL improvements and performance, but with some "new content and new functionality" as well. You can see the outline for yourself below:

  • October: 200+ QoL improvements for all platforms
  • October/November: QoL improvements, new content and new functionality
  • November: QoL improvements, new content and new functionality
  • Winter 2023: The DLC "Syntax Error" on sale (included in Silver and Gold Edition)

How has your PAYDAY 3 experience been in recent days? Is Starbreeze correct in its assessment? Find a match in the comments section below.