New gameplay clips from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth have emerged online (thanks to P4GTeam on YouTube), and although most of them deal with stuff we've already seen in various previews, we're also given a fresh glimpse of the all-important Gold Saucer minigames. This includes a better look at chocobo racing, which has received an impressive overhaul.

Indeed, chocobos can now drift — complete with sparks — and you'll be hunting down boost pads in order to attain maximum speed. It's only a few seconds of footage, but it looks like fantastic fun. The motorbike minigame is back as well, and so is boxing. Just like everything else in Rebith, it seems as though the details have been fleshed out considerably — and we're willing to bet that players will be spending an awful lot of time at the Gold Saucer.

How do you think Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is shaping up? Start your search for the ultimate chocobo in the comments section below.