The first in-engine footage of Konami’s upcoming Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater has been published as part of an Xbox Partner Preview – and it confirms the game is running in Unreal Engine 5. The results, as you’d no doubt expect, are incredibly impressive. While this feels more like a tech demo than a true representation of what the game will be like, the visuals are outrageously good.

“All of the game's environments are rendered in Unreal Engine 5 and captured in-game in real time,” the blurb notes. “Enjoy the original story of the first game in the timeline of the Metal Gear series, now with cutting-edge graphics and 3D audio, to bring the hostile jungle to life and take stealth survival action to new heights.”

There’s no release date in the video, which probably suggests the project is still a little way away, but you can consider our interest suitably heightened following this surprise showcase.