Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is finally here, and no doubt many of the PlayStation Faithful plan on spending the weekend blissfully webbing around an embattled New York City. To properly set the scene, we got a new trailer that tastefully recaps the events of Marvel's Spider-Man and its standalone expansion, Miles Morales (which does include SPOILERS, as you'd imagine).

Picking up around nine months after the events of Miles Morales, our heroes find themselves at the peak of their crime-fighting prowess and once again at a personal crossroads: Peter's perpetual money problems are exacerbated by Aunt May's mortgage payments and MJ's job at the Bugle is under threat now that J. Jonah Jameson is back and looking to clean house. Miles seems intent on repeating Pete's mistakes and keeps putting off writing his college entrance essay to focus on Spider-Work.

It won't be long before the fragile peace is shattered by the arrival of friends and foes, both new and returning. The best Spider-Man stories focus on the dual nature of Peter Parker's life, and with more Spider-Men comes more Spider-Problems.

Are you ready to dive into Marvel's Spider-Man 2? Or are you currently on a replay to properly get into the Spider-Spirit? Scuttle on down into the comments section below.