Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 PlayStation

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will be here in a flash, with the anticipated sequel releasing exclusively on PS5 tomorrow, 20th October. Something else that doesn't take very long is the game's fast-travel feature, which is shockingly fast, even during this enlightened age of widespread SSD usage.

IGN has a great breakdown of how quickly these transitions take place, with the player able to select anywhere on the New York map and fast-travel there almost instantaneously (once unlocked). It's equally impressive how quickly switching between Peter and Miles is.

In the above clip, note that initiating fast travel requires first holding down the Triangle button for a few seconds. This led some eager Spider-fans to assume it was masking a load screen of some kind; not so. Insomniac's director of core technologies, Mike Fitzgerald, responded to a comment on ResetEra and clarified that the prompt is there for usability reasons, not because of technical trickery.

Internally, Fitzgerald recently floated the idea of removing this hold-to-confirm prompt entirely to address that specific accusation. But as it turns out, players accidentally fast-travelling at the slightest push of a button was seen as the greater of two evils, and we can see why. If we're honest, having to wait for an additional heartbeat doesn't sound so bad, and we could all do with learning to be a little more patient.

What do you think of Marvel's Spider-Man 2's superior load times? Will you be crawling up the walls in anticipation, and are you planning on diving in at launch? Fast travel anywhere in less time than it takes to post in the comments section below.