Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Artwork

A "major" unannounced title from resurgent developer/publisher Capcom could be creeping up on us, releasing before the end of its fiscal year. That's March 2024 for those more accustomed to the ever-reliable Gregorian calendar. This news comes to us through a Japanese Q&A segment published alongside Capcom's latest earnings report.

In response to pointed questions, the company was rather forthcoming in its answers, as you can see below:

Q: How do you plan to achieve the sales goal for new titles for this financial year?

A: In the second half of this FY, we plan to release Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy in January in addition to a currently unannounced major title. Moreover, we plan to boost the sales figures of new titles in the first half of this FY to achieve the target.

Q: How do you think of the sales goal of 45 million copies of console titles? Taking into account the first half of this FY, wouldn't it be difficult to achieve it?

A: We are planning a major title in the second half of this FY. Additionally, we originally planned to achieve the goal mainly by focusing on sales events in the second half of this FY to boost the sales figures of our catalogue titles.

Capcom has several key franchises that could theoretically give rise to this unannounced title, the prime suspects being Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, or Street Fighter. As our friends and compatriots over at Nintendo Life point out, March 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter franchise. So, with a big reveal at a show like The Game Awards, we could see how Capcom could sling a few million copies of a new title in that series, but only time will tell.

What do you think Capcom has up its sleeve for the end of the fiscal year? Hit us with your best shot in the comments section below.

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