Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary

Capcom has unveiled a snazzy new website to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Monster Hunter. Said site contains a message that thanks fans for all of their support over the years, and concludes: "With these 20 years of success behind us, we hope to ride this momentum and bring you bigger, better, and even more exciting hunting experiences that will thrill and surprise you. We invite you, dear hunters, to join us on the journey ahead." Hmmm.

Now look, we all know Monster Hunter World 2 is an inevitability. Monster Hunter World went on to become the company's best-selling game ever, which is still mad to think about, and so a sequel has always been on the cards. The question, then, is when will it happen? Well, we've got this anniversary website, and the anniversary itself takes place in March 2024. So... might be something to think about.

World launched back in 2018, and it was followed up with the excellent Iceborne expansion in 2019 — so Capcom's had a good few years to get started on the next big thing, all while Monster Hunter Rise kept fans busy. As if 2024's schedule wasn't exciting enough already!

What are you hoping for from Monster Hunter's 20th anniversary? Dream of the possibilities in the comments section below.