Unfortunately, a fairly common issue with controllers these days is stick drift, whereby one or both analogue sticks act as though you're holding them in a direction when you're not. The DualSense is no stranger to this fault (we've had it happen at Push Square Towers), but it looks like Nacon is attempting to make stick drift a thing of the past with its latest pad.

The Nacon Revolution 5 Pro is an upcoming controller, compatible with PS5, PS4, and PC, that looks like an alternative to the DualSense Edge. It has a modular design and is highly customisable; included are three different stick heads and stick sizes, as well as three weights you can put in the grips. Additionally, you can program four controller profiles per platform, and customise it further using an app on your PC/Mac. It also boasts trigger blockers to let you customise their "amplitude" and two forms of d-pad to choose from.

Most interesting, though, is the tech behind the asymmetric sticks. They (and the triggers) use a new magnetic hall effect technology, which apparently makes for "greatly increased precision and durability" and "eliminates stick drift". Obviously, whether that holds true or not will take time to assess, but hopefully it's an improvement at the very least.

The Revolution 5 Pro is up for pre-order at €229.90, and will be available in October. You can find more info on the official site. What do you think of this one? Tell us in the comments section below.

[source nacongaming.com]