Honkai: Star Rail’s next scheduled update will coincide with the game’s release on the PS5, and Chinese developer HoYoverse is going big on the waifus to keep existing fans engaged – and pull in new punters on its brand-new platform, too. Three new characters will debut starting 11th October with v1.4, including Jingliu, Guinaifen, Topaz & Numby. The latter, in particular, has a highly engaging kit.

Overall, this update is shaping up to be pretty big, with updates to the Simulated Universe and an entire new event themed around a fictional video game, named Aetherium Wars. Said holographic combat simulator will see you constructing parties out of creatures from the core campaign, which should bring some welcome variety to the turn-based combat.

In order to house all of the new content – which also includes a new Stagnant Shadow – two new areas will be unlocked, including the Old Weapons Testing Ground and Pillars of Creation in Jarilo-VI. The second half of the update will also see the first rerun of the gacha system, which will allow PS5 players to unlock Seele, the first featured banner character from when the title launched earlier in the year.

Other noteworthy inclusions will see the Gift of Odyssey return, allowing you to stock up on Star Rail Special Passes, while there’ll be multipliers on Simulated Universe and Cavern of Corrosion rewards. And if all that wasn’t enough, some tweaks to the former will freshen up the release’s roguelite mode with some ridiculously overpowered Blessings and buffs.

While this update does seem light on new story content, there’s more than enough for newcomers on the PS5 to catch up on, so we reckon this will keep you occupied right through until v1.5. And with the emphasis on a new group of waifus with this update, there’ll be plenty of reason to spend your freshly acquired Stellar Jade.

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