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As the dust from the monstrous Microsoft leak begins to settle, the various players and publishers in the industry are making their positions known on the subject of acquisitions. It might seem like hubris, but Xbox chief Phil Spencer was privately musing about acquiring Warner Bros Interactive, Nintendo, or even Valve, which does put things into perspective.

Capcom COO Haruhito Tsujimoto has made his position known, saying that if Microsoft ever approached the Japanese corporation with an eye to the acquisition, "I would gracefully decline the offer because I believe it would be better if we were equal partners."

Tsujimoto explains in an interview with Bloomberg that this is largely because Capcom is in such a strong position now, but that that might not always have been the case, stating that: "There was once a time we were a target, but rather than acquiring an outside company, we prefer organic growth. It is important to train and develop human resources in-house in order to carry out growth strategies. I also believe we can utilise external partners, but we have no intention of acquiring companies."

Capcom has been dominating headlines over the past week with an exceptional showing at the Tokyo Games Show and a fantastic run of games in recent months. We were able to get a preview of the upcoming Dragon's Dogma 2, and our review of Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways DLC is now live. Add to that the constant Monster Hunter hype and Street Fighter's continual domination, and it's no wonder the company wants to stay independent.

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