Capcom's latest fighting title, Street Fighter 6, is just killing it, isn't it? On top of being a fantastic game that appeals to both casual and hardcore fighter fans, it seems to be selling pretty rapidly. Now, just over a month since launch, the game has reached a new milestone, topping 2 million copies sold.

This updated figure comes exactly one month after SF6 reached 1 million sales. While the momentum has naturally slowed (as is always the case with games), 2 million in a month is a very strong start. For comparison, Street Fighter V has sold 7.2 million units total, so it's clear the sequel is performing very well out of the gate.

To celebrate the achievement, Capcom has given all players a small in-game gift. A message in the News section contains an ID Card photo mode frame, as well as a Street Fighter 6 logo background for your in-game smart device.

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