PS5 Slim Push Square
Image: Push Square

Update: A video has now been uploaded to Twitter that shows the new PS5 model in all its glory, complete with a slim slit on both sides. As the casing is shown, the disc drive gives the design a much more significant bulge than the original model. It's possible this could still be a fake, but video footage lends more weight to the claim.

Original article: An image uploaded to the Chinese forum A9VG claims to show what the rumoured new PS5 Slim model looks like. You can view the image below and see it looks very similar to the current model available since launch, but it sports a small black slit in the middle. Its measurements match what Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming reported earlier in the year; of course, though, that could be done to lend legitimacy to what is ultimately a fake image.

This would be the PS5 model with a detachable disc drive, and the console is said to be 5cm shorter, but it's no smaller in any other dimension. Also, the USB ports on the front of the system are apparently now both USB-C.

Henderson has correctly reported on a number of PS5 hardware-related releases, including the upcoming PlayStation earbuds and streaming device Project Q. The reporter also claims a PS5 Pro is in the works, set to release late next year. For now, this supposed new standard PS5 model lines up with previous reports, but it's impossible to tell right now whether it is real or not. Although, it's claimed Sony plans to release the model next month, so we'll find out sooner rather than later.

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