Sony has officially announced its previously rumoured portable streaming device designed specifically for PS5, and it’ll launch later this year. Currently codenamed Project Q, the accessory features an eight-inch tablet screen bookended by two DualSense-style controller components. “Innovation is our passion, and that applies to not just what games you play, but how you play them,” said boss Jim Ryan during the presentation. “Later this year we will launch a device that enables you to stream any game from your PS5 over Wi-Fi.”

He added: “Internally known as Project Q, it has an eight inch HD screen and all of the buttons and features of the DualSense wireless controller. We look forward to sharing more information in the near future.”

It should be underlined that you will not be able to install and play games on the device natively: this is designed for streaming, so you’ll need to have the software installed on your PS5. The idea is that you could then cosy up on the couch while your partner or kids watch TV and continue playing on your handheld device.

The system will output at 1080p, 60 frames-per-second, so there'll be minimal compromise on visuals, especially on the smaller screen. Unfortunately, there's still no mention of a price, which is perhaps the most important part of a product like this.