Rumour: PS5 Pro Release Date Reportedly Slated for November 2024 1
Image: Push Square

Sony will reportedly release an upgraded PS5 Pro hardware model in November 2024, according to a report from Tom Henderson, who’s successfully leaked PlayStation’s hardware plans in the past. The Insider Gaming scribe – this time writing for Key to Gaming – accurately outed the Japanese giant’s Remote Play streaming handheld Project Q prior to its official unveiling, and has had inside information on a variety of other products, including its line of INZONE headphones.

Internally, the platform holder is purportedly referring to its supercharged system as Project Trinity, which aligns with other Matrix-inspired codenames it’s used in the past, like Neo for the PS4 Pro and Morpheus for the original PSVR. The PS5 Pro has apparently been in active development since 2022, with most studios allegedly scheduled to receive devkits by November 2023 at the latest. That’s all ahead of a reported November 2024 launch.

Henderson does allude to some specifications – including 30 workgroup processors – but admits he has a lack of “technological prowess” and that details have been “hard to pin down”. Nevertheless, he mentions that the upgraded system will aim for improved framerates in 4K resolution, optional 8K modes, and accelerated raytracing. All of this seems reasonable, and is largely what we’d expect from a hardware refresh at this stage.

There’s no mention of a target price, but understandably it’ll be more expensive than the base PS5 console. Obviously, with the lack of true new-gen exclusives this generation, many will be questioning the purpose of an upgraded hardware model, but we wouldn’t say no to a better looking GTA 6, at 60fps in full 4K, with improved raytracing – would you? Microsoft, for its part, has said it has no plans for an upgraded Xbox this generation; Sony, apparently, does.