Dreams PS4 PlayStation

With Media Molecule's Dreams set to cease live service on 1st September, the surreal creation engine has come to PS Plus, drawing in more than 100k new Dreamers already. You can see all kinds of cool Dreams-related stats over on the aptly-named DreamStats website, although even there, functionality is beginning to break down as the game's service aspect draws to a close.

If you're curious to dive in, why not let Push Square's own Assistant Editor, Stephen Tailby, guide you on your Dreamiverse journey? He's been covering the game since the beginning, reviewing it for the site, and chronicling community creations. In a pleasing bit of symmetry, he even embarked on an exciting adventure to Media Molecule to speak to the creators themselves about what comes next for Sony's most imaginative first-party studio.

Do you have any Dreams creations of your own to show off? Have you been playing since it came to PS Plus? Let your imagination run rampant in the comments section below.

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