Update (19/5/22): When we first shared this story about a Dreams recreation of that Unreal Engine 5 demo, the work was only half done. Now, though, artist Martin Nebelong has completed the reconstruction, and it's kind of amazing how closely he's been able to match that photo-realistic scene. You can see it for yourself in the video above, which also features a timelapse of how he built the scene from scratch using Dreams and a pair of PS Move controllers.

Even better is that it's also now a playable dream within the game. Titled 'Your train arrives at platform 3', you can now experience the scene first-hand. Again, it's clearly not as visually impressive as the UE5 video that inspired it, but that it comes anywhere close — and running in real time — is quite something.

Original Story: In case you missed it, a visually incredible scene created using Unreal Engine 5 was doing the rounds earlier this week. It's a fairly simple environment based on a dingy train station, but it's well worth checking out — the detail combined with the lighting borders on photorealism. It's pretty insane.

Like clockwork, though, a version of that same scene is being made in Dreams, Media Molecule's PS4-exclusive creation suite. Digital artist Martin Nebelong shared a work-in-progress recreation, and it's surprising how closely it apes the original. Of course, it can't match the same level of detail — Dreams has a purposely textured look that makes things appear fuzzy — and it's an incomplete reconstruction. However, what's been achieved in "just 3-4 hours of work" is impressive. We're excited to see the finished scene, as what's shown in the brief clip doesn't look a million miles away from that UE5 video.

Nebelong is responsible for many stunning Dreams creations. He also reproduced Epic's own Unreal 5 demo and made some awesome Elden Ring fan art.

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