Dreams PS4

In case you missed the news, developer Media Molecule is taking a step back from Dreams in the near future. Its highly ambitious creation suite is staying online and is going nowhere, but the studio's live service updates and events are coming to an end from 1st September.

This was announced back in April, when Media Molecule confirmed the final few updates heading to the game before this deadline. Some of these have gone live in the game, while others are still to come — including Tren, which we recently went hands on with at the studio.

Of course, it's unfortunate news, but there was never a clear reason as to why the team felt it was time to move on to its next project. So, in a new interview with two of the directors, we asked them. Why is Media Molecule putting an end to its live service efforts in Dreams?

Siobhan Reddy, studio director, gave us an honest and impassioned answer. "We're obviously really, really proud of Dreams. And I think, Tren being the release we're making next is the thing that's been very galvanising for the studio to kind of come together around that, because we are really proud of it," she says. "We just sadly couldn't find a sustainable path for it."

From the outside looking in, it always appeared that Dreams didn't reach the level of community size and engagement it really needed to justify extended support. Unfortunately, it sounds as though that's exactly why Media Molecule is shifting its focus to its next game.

"It doesn't mean we don't love it," Reddy continues. "It doesn't mean we're not super proud of it, and that we have just been blown away by what everybody has created, and are still creating... It's complicated because we are very, very proud of this beautiful thing that we made, but when we sat down and had a look at what we needed to do as a studio, we just couldn't find that sustainable path, so we had to make that decision."

She reaffirms that the game itself is sticking around for the foreseeable, and that the last handful of updates will improve Create mode and give players something meaningful to enjoy with Tren. Creative director John Beech adds that a recent server migration assures the game's online longevity, too, so you needn't worry about that.

Our full interview can be found through the link, focusing mostly on Tren and its journey from side project to full game. Are you still creating and playing around in Dreams? Let us know in the comments section below.