If you're a big car fanatic (and have a vast amount of cash burning a hole in your proverbial pocket), you may be interested to know about this upcoming opportunity. An upcoming auction could see you drive away with a Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3. In fact, it's not just any GT-R — it's the same one used in the fast-approaching Gran Turismo movie.

What's more, this vehicle was driven in competition by Jann Mardenborough, the driver whom the film is actually about. It's seen a fair amount of action, then; the press release goes on to call it "the most successful GT-R R35 GT3 still in private hands".

Silverstone Auctions will be taking bids on this car on 25th August at the Silverstone Festival, where it estimates a sale between £225,000 and £275,000 — though obviously could land a long way either side of that.

As a reminder, the Gran Turismo movie tells the true story of Jann Mardenborough's journey from avid player of Sony's sim racer to real-life racing driver through GT Academy. Also starring Orlando Bloom as the academy's founder and David Harbour as a reluctant coach, the film hits cinema screens on 11th August. You can watch the movie and then, potentially, own one of its most prominent cars for yourself just a couple of weeks later.

Obviously this sort of purchase will be beyond most of us, but it's a very cool opportunity all the same. What do you think of this special auction? Place your bids in the comments section below.