Gran Turismo
Image: Empire / Sony Pictures

The Gran Turismo movie has had its share of nay-sayers since its announcement, but it has some serious potential. Telling the true story of a player who went from playing the titular game to racing real cars, it has a decent premise and, by the sound of it, will feature some awesome driving action, too.

Director Neill Blomkamp (best-known for his sci-fi movies like District 9 and Chappie) spoke to Empire magazine about the film, which is set to star Archie Madekwe as Jann Mardenborough, the aforementioned lead character. Apparently inspired by the incredible stunt work in Top Gun: Maverick, Blomkamp says the movie will feature "real actors, in real cars, on real race tracks, driving insanely quickly".

However, while the racing should deliver some high-speed thrills, the main thrust will be led by characters rather than cars. "The north star for me was to make a videogame title with character work that propels the movie, even more so than the racing," he says. "Although the racing is bloody intense, too."

Gran Turismo will also feature talent such as David Harbour, Orlando Bloom, and Geri Horner in supporting roles. It's set for theatrical release on 11th August 2023, so it's on the approach. Are you looking forward to watching this? Grab some popcorn in the comments section below.