The Gran Turismo movie is very nearly ready to hit the big screen. Sony Pictures has just released the second trailer for this upcoming flick, which tells the true story of aspiring driver Jann Mardenborough (Archie Madekwe), whose expertise in the PlayStation racing sim earns him a spot on a real race track.

It's this true story angle that's employed for this trailer, at least to begin with. Mardenborough is seen taking his dad's car for a joyride, and it's clear his father doesn't approve of his goal of becoming a racer. However, his time spent in Gran Turismo leads to enrolment in the GT Academy, where top players have a chance to join a real racing team and go pro in real life events.

It's this story that provides the backbone of the film, and it's supported with some top talent; co-stars David Harbour and Orlando Bloom join Madekwe, and it's being directed by Neill Blomkamp, who's aiming for Top Gun: Maverick levels of intense vehicular action.

The film opens in theatres from 11th August, so it's only a few weeks away now. Are you excited to see Gran Turismo? Tell us in the comments section below.