Gran Turismo Movie

The upcoming Gran Turismo flick, based on the true story of gamer-turned-racer Jann Mardenborough, features some pretty spectacular scenes, which required quite an extreme level of commitment from director Neill Blomkamp. This, along with a penchant for high-tech filming methods, has drawn some comparisons to Top Gun: Maverick, directed by Joseph Kosinski, which is the kind of company you want to keep.

Total Film put this comparison to Blomkamp himself (the full interview will be in print 20th July), who explained why a VFX-heavy approach wouldn't have been right. Blomkamp said, "What’s right is Archie [Madekwe] in the [car], super-uncomfortable, with high Gs, nausea, at 200km an hour… So it’s a fair comparison. I don’t know what [Maverick director] Joseph Kosinski’s like, but I’m sure he wanted the same thing. We just need to make it feel real."

In other Gran Turismo movie news, David Harbour (Stranger Things) spoke about the infamous video game adaptation curse and why he thinks it doesn't apply here.

Gran Turismo speeds off the mark on August 11th. Will you get behind the wheel, obey all signed instructions, and travel at or below the legal speed limit to a nearby cinema to see it? Remember to indicate well in advance of any turn in the comments section below.