PS5 Console Push Square
Image: Push Square

Select European countries like Spain and Portugal have recently been enjoying discounts of up to €100 on PS5 systems, but a new claim from PS Plus leaker billbil-kun states the sale price will be expanded to other countries soon. While the leaker doesn't know when the promotion will begin, they've posted the sort of discounts UK, USA, and German residents can look forward to.

According to billbil-kun, the following PS5 sale prices will come into effect:

Original Price Sale Price Discount
UK £479.99 £404.99 £75
USA $499.99 $449.99 $50
Germany €549.99 €474.99 €75

Of course, Sony did increase the price of a PS5 across the UK and Europe nearly a year ago, but the reported discounts would make the console cheaper than it was prior to the price hike. The sale only appears to cover the standard PS5 system with a disc drive; the PS5 digital edition isn't included. This offer will be available on the PlayStation Direct site as well as retailers like Amazon, Target, and GAME, the leaker claims.

The price drop would take effect whilst rumours of a new PS5 model with a detachable disc drive still float about. It's reported the new version will launch in September, but no further details have been shared in some time. What we do know for certain is Sony will launch a limited edition PS5 console themed around Marvel's Spider-Man 2 on 1st September 2023.