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Sony is not struggling to sell PS5 consoles this year, as it’s been breaking records all over the world since the hardware became more readily available. It’s conspicuous, then, that the traditional disc-based unit is actually on sale in some major European territories, including Spain and Portugal. And this discount isn’t a small one either: it’s €100, meaning you can currently get the Blu-ray version of the console for around the same price as its digital counterpart.

While the sale seems pretty specific to certain countries, the big question here is why would PlayStation reduce the price of a very popular product? Many believe that it’s related to the rumoured detachable disc drive model that’s been a strong source of speculation all year, and is apparently scheduled to launch in September. It does make some degree of sense that the Japanese giant would look to clear out old stock before introducing the new model.

The unit with a detachable disc drive will attempt to unify Sony’s manufacturing process, allowing it to produce both flavours of its new-gen console on the same production line. Furthermore, it promises to provide consumers with more flexibility, as those who choose to purchase a system without a disc drive will still be able to pick one up separately later down the line. Thus, it seems like a smart step for the platform holder in this increasingly digital age.

It’s unlikely the company will announce the hardware revision until right before its release date, as it won’t want to temporarily impede sales over the summer. These discounts across Europe do suggest something is afoot, however, and may become more widespread as we lurch closer to the crucial holiday season.

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