Marathon PS5 PlayStation

Bungie's intent with its in-development Marathon, so the rumours say, is to create the "ultimate live service game". Judging by how much weight the Destiny studio's word seems to carry within Sony's current corporate climate, we'd believe they'll be given carte blanche to do so.

Announced on Twitter, Andrew Witts has joined the Marathon team as gameplay design director. Witts has an impressive background in modern multiplayer design, spending a year working on Fortnite and another two on Rainbow Six: Siege. Most recently, he worked at 343 Industries as multiplayer lead modes and systems designer on Halo Infinite, which adds a pleasing air of symmetry to the affair, as Bungie famously used to develop the series.

Marathon is still a long way out, but we have no doubt a big-budget AAA "sci-fi PvP extraction shooter" will be a hit with multiplayer fans. Provided, that is, Bungie manages to distil the predominantly PC-style of gameplay for console audiences. Considering the studio is often used as a figurative yardstick against which competitors are measured, it seems more a matter of when and not if.

Are you looking forward to Marathon? Or have you already found "your" service game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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