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Hogwarts Legacy has hit another major sales milestone, and it's a nice round one, too: the open-world wizarding RPG has surpassed 15 million sales across all platforms, grossing $1 billion in the process, making it Warner Bros' biggest game launch to date.

Sales figures were announced on 31st March, the end of the first financial quarter. Hogwart Legacy was released on 10th February and still managed the impressive feat in less than two months. That number is likely to increase significantly, too, as the PS4 version has only just launched (and it performs fantastically for last-gen) after having been delayed.

In other Hogwarts Legacy news, the latest update added Arachnophobia Mode, which makes the game's many spider enemies look far less terrifying. Did you attend Hogwarts this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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