Hogwarts Legacy PS5 PS4

Hogwarts Legacy has been available on PS5 for just shy of a month now, and it's been hugely successful so far. However, the fantasy RPG is also due to arrive on last-gen consoles, including PS4. If you're hanging on for that version of the game, you'll be in for a longer wait than expected.

Developer Avalanche Software has just announced a delay on social media. Initially planned for release on 4th April 2023, the last-gen version will now release a month later on 5th May. The studio simply says it's "working hard to deliver the best possible experience on all platforms" and that it needs "more time to do this".

The PS5 version of the game runs well for the most part, though isn't perfect. We expect there will be noticeable compromises to get it going nicely on PS4 which, let's not forget, is approaching its 10th anniversary. Fingers crossed the last-gen edition can hold it steady.

Are you planning to play Hogwarts Legacy on PS4 in May? Tell us in the comments section below.

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