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Hogwarts Legacy's meteoric success is kind of old hat at this point, so it should be no surprise to learn that another project is potentially already in the offing, with developer Avalanche Software having begun recruitment.

Spotted by Game Rant, the developer is looking for a software engineer to work on "an unannounced AAA console title." We know it isn't DLC, and Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is already its own thing, so the smart money is on another cash cow. Of course, that's not official until we get word from the horse's mouth.

Avalanche Software

We thought Hogwarts Legacy was the Harry Potter game fans have been waiting for (read our full thoughts on the matter here), but there is always room for improvement, and we'd return for another school year. A reminder for PS4 players, Hogwarts Legacy finally launches on that platform in the coming hours (depending on your region).

How does another magical adventure sound to you in 3-5 years, assuming that is what Avalanche is indeed working on? Expect an owl in the comments section below.

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