PSVR2 Hardware Sales 1
Image: Push Square

There’s been all kinds of speculation about PSVR2 and its supposedly slower than expected launch. Bloomberg had previously reported that Sony had cut its production plan for the peripheral’s launch by more than half, although this was all based on its own calculations, and the Japanese giant would go on to deny them. It since followed up with a second article late last month, citing analysts which claim the headset has got off to a “slow start” and will need a price cut to avoid “disaster”.

Now renowned Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the firm has cut its proposed PSVR2 production plan by 20 per cent in 2023. This is obviously nowhere near as bad as Bloomberg’s original report, but is in no way a positive result either – assuming it’s true.

We pointed out how we’re a little concerned about the headset in a previous post, noting that there’s no real software roadmap for the expensive device, outside of Firewall Ultra and a smattering of third-party titles. Obviously the launch period was impressive, absolutely bursting at the seams with arguably too much day one software, but a lot of it was made up of re-releases and enhanced ports – rather than original new titles.

In a lot of key territories, Sony has decided to sell PSVR2 through its own PS Direct storefront, and its marketing has largely been laser focused at enthusiasts – outside of a rare misfire of a commercial featuring Ozzy Osborne. As a result, it’s still far too early to draw any firm conclusions about the headset’s future, but it’s clear the company has its work cut out now that the excitement of the launch period has passed – this thing needs a proper roadmap, otherwise the stench of failure may start to stick.

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