Whoever had Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne appearing in a PSVR2 advert on their 2023 bingo card should maybe buy some lottery tickets because their luck is very much in right now. The Prince of Darkness has uploaded a promotional video to his Twitter account where he dons Sony's new headset and plays Horizon Call of the Mountain while Sharon packs for a trip to England in the background. You can check it out below.

Quite how this collaboration came about we don't know, but it's clear Ozzy is having some fun in virtual reality while the dogs wander about questioning what's going on. The headset is out this Wednesday worldwide, but we'd like to think Sony let the Osbournes keep the device so they can check out All PSVR2 Launch Games. They wouldn't need that trip to Centre Parcs if they just booted up Kayak VR: Mirage!

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