A new report from Takashi Mochizuki of Bloomberg claims sales of Sony's PSVR2 headset are off to a "slow start", with around 270,000 units shipped to consumers since its late February 2023 launch. The data comes from research outlet IDC, with Francisco Jeronimo of the company suggesting "a price cut on the PSVR2 will be needed to avoid a complete disaster". Sony is yet to share any official PSVR2 sales data and has never made its sales projections public knowledge.

The comments and report follow Sony having to officially deny claims made in two previous Mochizuki articles. The scribe suggested the platform holder was having trouble producing PS5 systems prior to its late 2020 launch, and then reported Sony had halved its PSVR2 sales estimates for the first quarter it spends on the market. Sony publicly denied both these claims, even insisting there was "enthusiasm from PlayStation fans for the upcoming [PSVR2] launch".

Today's report speaks of Sony taking "a leading role in development of the Metaverse" through PSVR2, something the company hasn't mentioned much beyond a corporate strategy meeting in May 2022.

Official sales data provided by Circana revealed that Sony's PSVR2 device actually pushed sales in the Accessories sector up by 13 per cent year-over-year, which has helped to offset a decline in controller spending. This was combined with the news that February 2023 saw the PS5 set a new record for units sold by any PlayStation hardware platform. A few early estimates suggest Sony sold over 500,000 consoles.

With no official PSVR2 sales data from Sony to draw knowledge from, it's impossible to know where the truth actually lies in terms of Bloomberg's latest report. With a high launch price and limited availability via the company's PlayStation Direct website, it was obvious Sony wasn't expecting the headset to sell gangbusters right out of the gate. We'll need to wait for Sony to have its own say on the matter before any conclusions can be drawn.

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