The bizarrely beautiful Humanity looks a lot like the kind of game Japan Studio would have made for the PS Store during the PS3 era – and it will be made available on PS5 and PS4 day one with PS Plus Extra. Releasing on 16th May alongside the next round of Game Catalogue additions, the title will be playable either on a traditional television or with PSVR2 or PSVR.

You can check out an oddball launch date trailer above, which really leans into that particular era of unorthodox Japanese PlayStation advertising. Crucially, the game is really good: it’s a bit like Lemmings, except you play as a shiba inu – why not?! – which must lead hordes of people through increasingly challenging puzzle playboxes. It should recount memories of titles like The Last Guy, Tokyo Jungle, and echochrome – a great era of imaginative PlayStation content.

We’ll have a lot more to share about Humanity later in the month, but in the meantime we recommend kicking back and watching the trailer. You can also find a list of All PS Plus Games through the link.