PS5 Platinum Trophy
Image: Push Square

Earning a Platinum Trophy on PlayStation is always a bit of an occasion; you've not only completed a game, you've (probably) gone out of your way to beat a range of additional challenges. For many, the Plat is the nice cherry on top of an enjoyable experience, and they're very satisfying to pop. Now, though, Sony has gone one small step further to make them feel special.

With the latest PS5 firmware update installed, the notification for unlocking a Platinum Trophy has been updated, as spotted by Twitter user @IBadDriverI. A Platinum already had its very own notification sound, but now, it also has a unique animation:

It's only a small touch, but it just makes the act of getting a Platinum even more of an occasion than it was before. We'll be looking forward to seeing this notification pop up when we nab our next one.

Did you spot this subtle change to Platinum Trophies on PS5? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.