Layers of Fear may be one of the most confusing projects in recent years, but it sure looks good. The Unreal Engine 5 reimagining is pulling from all previous entries in the series, and wrapping up the story with an additional chapter named The Writer. “The series’ crowning work is the definitive way to experience the critically acclaimed franchise,” the official blurb attempts to explain.

Effectively, this revamped version will retell the story of The Painter from Layers of Fear (the PS4 original) and The Director from Layers of Fear 2, utilising new technology like raytracing, HDR, and 4K resolution. It’ll include all the previously released DLC plots, and incorporate an entirely new section to pull it all together. “Enter a lone and ghastly lighthouse as the newest protagonist, The Writer, and discover a never-before-told tale,” the synopsis adds.

It does, admittedly, look like more of the same walking simulator-style spooks that fans will already be familiar with – but it’s probably fair to say the production values are through the roof. Have you got the balls for another Bloober Team fright-fest? Try not to jump in the comments section below, and consider adding the title to your PS Store wishlist ahead of its June release.