If you're interested in multiplayer shooters at all, you may have recently started to hear about The Finals. From developer Embark Studios — comprising many ex-Battlefield devs — this is a free-to-play, team-based FPS that's currently in a closed beta test on PC, and it's proving to be very popular already. The question remains: Is The Finals coming to PS5? Fortunately, it is.

The game will indeed be launching on PS5 alongside PC and Xbox Series, though there's no release date just yet. For now, we can at least tell you what the game's all about, and why it has people excited.

The Finals is also the name of the in-universe game show, in which players plug into virtual battlegrounds and compete for fame and fortune. While the game might sound pretty vanilla, it has a couple of very interesting things going for it. Firstly, server-side destruction and player movement means that each map can be completely torn apart, and that the carnage will be exactly the same for everyone. It allows for more improvisational tactics, the most obvious example being to blow holes in buildings to expose the enemy.

Another interesting bullet point is its wide-ranging customisation. Apparently, you'll be able to really hone in on what you want your avatar to be and how they play; there will be lots of visual customisation options, and you can then outfit them with all sorts of weaponry, from katanas to rocket launchers. Throw in various gadgets, like zip-lines, shields, and grappling hooks, and it all sounds pretty dynamic.

Word on the street suggests this could be a big deal when it eventually arrives, but we PlayStation users will have to wait before we can see what the fuss is about. Are you interested in The Finals? Have you been playing the beta on PC? Let us know in the comments section below.