Final Fantasy XVI PS5 PlayStation

Final Fantasy XVI was one of the highlights at PAX East 2023 over the weekend, where we got to see more of the stunning world of Valisthea before the developers fielded some of the communities' snarkier questions (in addition to showing off more gameplay).

We also got some welcome technical specs, with producer Naoki Yoshida revealing that Final Fantasy XVI will have the two performance modes we have come to expect with current-gen games. One will feature enhanced Graphics, with 4K visuals at 2160p and a 30fps target, while the other prioritises Frame Rate, aiming for 60fps at a likely 1440p. Both will benefit from near-instantaneous load times, with a save file loaded during gameplay taking less than three seconds to return to gameplay, which is quite interesting, given last week's squeeze gap discourse.

It looks like QTEs are making a comeback, too, with certain epic boss encounters being split into multiple phases, and with each phase shift, both boss and environment change too. Three different kinds of prompts will be required (Attack, Evasion, and Clash), depending on the situation, with the developers wanting to make each shift feel more "dynamic".

Final Fantasy XVI will launch on PS5 on 22nd June, and we are sure we will learn even more as that date inches ever closer. Where are your hype levels at? Let us know in the comments section below.