Goddamn! Square Enix was kind enough to share this trailer with us when we were putting together our Final Fantasy 16 PS5 preview, and now it’s released it publicly, as part of a PAX East 2023 panel which took place earlier today. The trailer’s intention is to showcase some of the scenery you’ll encounter in Valisthea – and well, what can we say, the art direction is utterly impeccable!

The developer has made the decision not to make this title open world, and instead it’s concentrated on a selection of large scale, sandbox type levels. The advantage, according to the team, is that it’s been able to invest an immense amount of effort into breathing life into each location, and it really shows in this trailer. There’s a ton of variety, but all of the areas are begging to be explored.

We’ll learn more about Valisthea and the exploration aspects of Final Fantasy 16 closer to release, but if you’re desperate for more, do have a read of our aforementioned preview, as it includes a few morsels of information about the world. Before you do, though, be sure to share your thoughts on this video in the comments section – good, innit?!

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