The Last of Us Multiplayer PS5 PlayStation

It looks like we might finally learn more about The Last of Us: Part II's missing multiplayer component later this year, which, from what we've been told previously, has expanded in scope quite significantly.

Appearing virtually on a Kinda Funny Spoilercast, Naughty Dog vice president Neil Druckmann confirmed that the studio has selected and is now actively developing its next PS5 project. Host Greg Miller then brings up Factions, the name of the original TLoU's multiplayer component.

Druckmann, who seems quite deliberate in not referring to it as Factions, says, "the Last of Us multiplayer game is our next big title. You’ll hear much more about it later this year, and I’m stoked about it."

Druckman goes on to describe what it feels like to be less hands-on with the upcoming multiplayer title, stating that "that one’s an interesting experience for me personally because it’s the first Last of Us game that I’m not the primary writer, I’m not the director, so I get to see it more from the side and play more of a producer role and more of a mentor role, and that to me is really exciting, and what the team has put together is so cool.”

The Last of Us: Part II was released back in 2020, so waiting until later in the year to learn more about the mysterious multiplayer game shouldn't be too taxing. Chances are, whatever Naughty Dog is cooking up behind closed doors is likely to be well worth the wait.

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