Naughty Dog The Last of Us PS5 Exclusive PlayStation 1
Image: Push Square

The next Naughty Dog game has been selected and is in development now. Vice president Neil Druckmann, appearing on a Kinda Funny Spoilercast, confirmed the first-party developer has already decided what its next PS5 project is going to be – and while he couldn’t reveal what it is, he explained that the team selected the title it was collectively “most excited about”.

Elsewhere in the interview, he explained that Naughty Dog has been restructured to allow it to develop more than one title at a time, which is evidenced by the fact it released The Last of Us: Part I last year and has a standalone multiplayer game in development as well. He added that the studio now has a large number of producers, game directors, and writers, allowing it to be more organised overall.

Druckmann wouldn’t confirm whether the team’s next game will be The Last of Us: Part 3 or not, but he did acknowledge the pent-up demand for a third game, and given the colossal success of the TV show it’s hard to imagine anything else at this point.