While the colourful world of Tchia is one predominantly of exploration, relaxation and sick ukelele jams, there will be moments where a more direct approach is required, as we learn in a new gameplay trailer.

The primary antagonists are the Maano, mindless minions brought to life by Meavora from pieces of wood and fabric, which makes them uniquely vulnerable to fire. They will attempt to incapacitate Tchia by entangling her in cloth, so keeping a safe distance will be key to success.

In addition there, there are massive fortresses to take down, replete with weapon emplacements, with Tchia needing to burn down fabric piles to stop the Maano from respawning. They look like a ton of fun to try and take down using the unique locomotion options available.

It looks awesome, and we can't wait to take evasive action once Tchia launches on 21st March on PS5 and PS4. What do you think of this less direct form of combat gameplay? Keep on moving into the comments section below.

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