Sony State of Play Rumours

So, when's the next State of Play broadcast? The short answer: only Sony really knows. The slightly longer answer: later today, tomorrow, next week, the week after, maybe next month, maybe April, perhaps May, possibly some time in the summer.

That's right folks, the State of Play rumours are back in business (do they ever really go away?) but this time, they're fuelled by the words of the ever-informative Jeff Grubb, speaking on his latest Game Mess podcast.

Grubb reckons that Sony could be plotting not one, but two State of Play events before E3 2023 takes place in June. The first is rumoured to be a smaller showcase and could apparently happen within the next month or so — if not sooner. The second is said to be a larger summer broadcast, which immediately conjures expectations of a 'proper' E3-style PlayStation presser.

But let's be real here: it would be weird if Sony didn't put on a show at some point over the next few months. The Japanese giant has several significant releases coming up — Final Fantasy XVI and Marvel's Spider-Man 2 spring to mind — and with the company set to push PS5 extremely hard this year, marketing momentum will be key.

And that's without even mentioning the new PS5 model, which has long been rumoured for a September 2023 launch.

So, just to summarise: Sony will be doing a State of Play soon — relatively soon. You don't really need rumours to know that much!

When do you think we'll be getting the next State of Play, then? Start taking bets in the comments section below.

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