PS5 Sales Rumour
Image: Push Square

At this point we all know that the PS5 is picking up some serious steam. Thanks to a dramatic increase in global stock — with console production finally finding its footing after the shock of the pandemic — Sony appears set to push the PS5 as hard as it possibly can in 2023.

But with big marketing comes big expectations, and according to Insider Gaming sources, the Japanese giant is forecasting some unprecedented sales success in the latter half of the year. The report states that, at least internally, Sony anticipates selling more than 10 million PS5 units in Q3 — a figure that would coincide with the release of its much-rumoured new model, which is supposedly launching in September.

Officially, the PS5 has shipped over 32.1 million units as of 31st December, 2022. With these supposed estimates, Sony is likely expecting total sales to surpass the 50 million milestone in 2023. In fact, if you look at the console's current trajectory, it could actually be closing in on 70 million by the time this fiscal year comes to a close. That's a potentially massive degree of hardware growth in just 12 months.

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